Spell is a business-inclined magic cat who runs a shop where you can learn to spell. Spell's crew of friends and creatures help make a friendly place to practice.

The spelling crew all have things they can do to help like: 

  • capture your list of spelling words
  • record your own prompts, say your word a few times
  • run a practice session for you
  • look back at your session to see how your spelling is coming along
  • encourage you through the practice 
  • even reuse your prompts when you're using the same word again

Why I Made Spell's Spelling

Some of my family and friends can have a tough time spelling. We'd practice spelling together each week. Practicing helped. After a while I wondered how I could help them connect even better with their words. I wondered if my reading the words was taking away a useful part of the practice. 

While working on my next big game Word Turtle Island, where you use words as weapons to battle creatures taking away the books of power, the idea for Spell's Spelling came to me. Make a  simple practice app where it's like using flash cards but different. I made the first prototype of Spells Spelling and had my friends and family give it a try. 

Early tests looked promising as it helped to improve their spelling test scores. Thankful for that I went back to working on Word Turtle Island. But then I got this feedback: "you have got to publish this, it will help so many kids just like me". Now here we are.


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