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Use words as weapons in battle to rescue books and readers in danger from creatures destroying the most powerful library in the galaxy.  After battle, help the books and readers get where they need to be in your book sanctuary home base.

Play relaxed or intense by choosing battle difficulty that fits your mood or by spending more time in the book sanctuary leveling up


  • 3 kinds of input controls. Control the action with any combination of game controller, mouse/touch, or keyboard for typing.
  • 4 main battle arenas plus 1 practice area to rescue the 27 living books of power
  • 3 end boss battles (early access version) able to begin by rescuing 26 of 27 living books of power
  • 1 bonus area unlockable by reaching 100 energy score in the book sanctuary
  • 1 book sanctuary home base a place to heal, level up, and power up by helping books and readers get to where they need to be
  • 11 powers and 13 word weapons, all of which can be leveled up
  • Storage room for your collected powers and weapons
  • Market room to purchase upgrades using monies you collect
  • Battle promise system where you choose your challenge level that affects both how difficult the battle you face will be and if you succeed or fail powers and weapons will be reward or taken
  • 10,000+ words in the game's curated dictionary which has themes like words that rhyme, word length, and fun topics
  • If you choose typing you'll get scores showing your typing speed and accuracy at the end of each battle
  • Built to respect your privacy: no ads and no tools that monitor how you play

About Early Access

It's about having a game ready to enjoy right now while also inviting people to be part of that initial community, supporting this cause it's fun now. 

Publishing to early access to me means I'm continuing to improve Word Turtle Island while reaching a wider community. Y'all get to play it sooner and I get to learn from your feedback. Then use what I learn to make the game even better.

As thank you for joining the Word Turtle Island community during Early Access you get it at the discounted base launch price. Thank you for buying it. You're helping a solo indie creator focus on players of the game instead of taking on outside investment.

How long has it been in development? I've been developing and testing this game for two and a half years. So excited to get this into the hands of a wider community, Welcome to Word Turtle Island!

Streamers, bloggers, journalists: are you interested in a press kit or fact sheet?

Game Story

How did the most powerful library in the galaxy become a place of battle? One day, three troublesome creatures attacked the turtle's ultimate library. They caused the turtle-beings to mysteriously disappear, and captured the living books of power. These books of power are a special group who each possess amazing abilities and are sentient beings.

Portia, the book of portals, managed to escape. Now, she searches Word Turtle Island for someone to help her rescue the turtles, books and the readers caught in the catastrophe.

Wort, far away at the edge of Word Turtle Island, is about to leave to seek a different turtle path when Portia finds him. Wort learns he is the last of the Word Turtle beings.

It is now up to Wort and Portia to take back and rebuild the book sanctuary of Word Turtle Island.

Word Turtle Island is a nature dungeon action shooter where you use words as weapons to battle the creatures stealing books from the most powerful library in the galaxy.

Rescue lost books and readers in danger as you battle in the nature-dungeons. Survive the battle to get back to the book sanctuary.

In the book sanctuary you'll discover the story behind the catastrophe and rebuilding of Word Turtle Island. Here you can heal between battles and help books and readers get where they need to go. These peaceful activities are another way to level up your character, word weapons, and powers. In the book sanctuary, You'll also unlock gateways to new battles.

Get stronger, level up your character, level up your word weapons and powers too - both in battle and in the book sanctuary!

Word Turtle Island is in active development and available at a special early access price.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Version 16
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