New Guitar Art and Many Refinements in the Latest Guitar Fretter Update

Guitar Fretter is 10 years old and I still have more ideas to add and refine. I say that with much love and gratitude! Recently I thought I’d make a quick art update and I expected to be ready to publish in about 4 days. Turns out I had a lot of other refinements which took about 4 weeks of work instead. If you’re curious about that journey I share some thoughts on my art and design journal podcast.

Highlights of this update:

  • Guitars are now easier to see with higher contrast plus has a headstock and guitar body, not just a fretboard floating in space any more.
  • Animation updates, more ways for the ‘minions’ to flow down the screen.
  • Playing on Hard difficulty is now more challenging.
  • This update also includes many bug fixes and many performance improvements.


Classic Guitar Fretter 1.x (original version) - MacOS 58 MB
Version 1 Aug 11, 2020
Classic Guitar Fretter 1.x (original version) - Windows 37 MB
Version 1 Aug 11, 2020

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