Guitar Fretter 2 Big Updates + Free Version Called Guitar Fretter Demo Tape

This release is the biggest update to Guitar Fretter since its launch. It’s more lively and playful than ever. New between levels dialog for story and encouragement. New lefty-flip mode. A huge update to the art, new background music, animations and visual effects. Refinements to the memorizing system that rewards you for successful matches too. Still has 4 guitars: 6 string and 7 string electric, 4 and 5 string bass, custom tuning, game save, multiple play modes including an interactive guitar chart of the fretboard.

It’s a playful way to learn the notes on a guitar fretboard that’s more playful than ever. That’s why I’m calling this update Guitar Fretter 2!

Also: for the first time there’s a free demo version called Guitar Fretter Demo Tape! It has 9 levels of the core game plus 2 guitar options, no ads or tracking.


Guitar Fretter 2 - Windows 62 MB
Aug 17, 2021
Guitar Fretter 2 - MacOS 83 MB
Aug 17, 2021 78 MB
Aug 26, 2021
Guitar Fretter Demotape Installer.exe 58 MB
Aug 26, 2021

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